BackRadially Removable: Type HF

These are radially displaceable fluid couplings with metallic disc flexible coupling on input & output ends.

Radially Removable (HF)
  • Range: Smallest 4 kW @ 4 pole up-to Largest 2000 Kw @ 6 pole.
  • Aluminium body for standard applications
  • Steel body for underground mining applications with Viton seals.
  • Available as basic 'HF' without Delay Fill or as 'HFD' with Delay Fill or as 'HF-DX' with Extended Delay Fill Chamber.
  • Also available with brake drum from 160 mm to 710 mm diameter.
  • Optionally available with Thermal Protection System in addition to Fusible Plug.
  • Available ready to fit couplings bored and keyed for driver and driven end shafts.

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